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Writing Resignation Letter | Resignation Letter Sample

Writing Resignation Letter | Resignation Letter Sample
It is very common for an employee or a serviceman to quit one organization to join another. As an employee or a serviceman you may occasionally face to take such a decision because of personal reasons such as to unsuitability of climate, inability to look after property, need for being near to close relatives, etc. But very often the job is changed because of other reasons such as getting a higher position, being bypassed for an expected promotion, better pay package, better prospects for promotional growth, etc.

For quitting an organization you would have to write a resignation letter. There is no rule to say what such a letter should contain. You could just write one sentence and be done with it: "I resign from my post of Office Executive and request you to relieve me after three months' notice period expiring on 15 September, 2014."

However, a resignation letter usually contains three main points: statement of resignation and request for being relieved, reasons for resignation, and expression of thanks for courtesies extended during the tenure of service with the organization. Here are two examples of resignation letters to help you write it with proper tone and format.

Resignation Letter Sample: 1

16 August, 2014

Jane Peterson, Vice President
Reliance Housing Ltd.
439 Robinson Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H

Dear Sir:

As you are aware, ever since I joined your company I have not been keeping good health. I had to take leave on medical grounds thrice during the short period of one year's service. The doctors have now advised me a change of place as the climate of this area does not suit me.

I, therefore, submit herewith my resignation letter with the request that I be relieved immediately.

However, if this is not convenient, I may be relieved after one month's notice period expiring on 15 September, 2014.

I enjoyed working in this organization and I regret that I have to leave it. The experience here has been rewarding me in many ways. I thank you and the colleagues for all the guidance, help, and cooperation in the discharge of my duties.

Yours sincerely,

Lira Twin
Senior Civil Engineer

Resignation Letter Sample: 2

16 August, 2014

Samuel Johnson
Managing Director
Reliance Insurance, Inc
579 Lake Center Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20773

Dear Sir:

I hereby resign from the post of Assistant Marketing Manager and request you to relieve me after the expiry of three month's notice period, that is, from 20 October, 2014.

As you know I joined this company seven years ago as Junior Marketing Executive and was promoted to the present position only four years back. My career growth is slow and I feel I am stagnating in this job. With my experience and qualifications, I believe, I would be able to get elsewhere a better position and a more congenial atmosphere for my professional growth.

I must, however, assure you that I have enjoyed working in this organization. The experience gained here would help me make a more valuable and satisfying contribution to this profession. In the end I would like to thank you and colleagues for the courtesy and consideration shown to me during my staying here.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Moore
Assistant Marketing Manager

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