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Sales Letter Writing | Sales Letter Example

Sales Letter Writing | Sales Letter Example
A sales letter is one of the most important instruments of sales promotion, despite unprecedented advancements in advertising through the print and electronic media. To be efficient it should catch the attention of the reader, excite his interest and curiosity and induce him to buy the goods or services offered. It should begin with an attention catching device and end with an inducement for action. The main body of the letter should provide convincing arguments and evidence to vouch for the quality of the product. There are various ways of catching the attention. Some of these are as follows:

(i) Making a startling statement
(ii) Special appeals or offers
(iii)Relating an anecdote or a story
(iv) Providing evidence
(v) Asking rhetorical questions

The main body of a sales letter should draw attention to central features and facilities offered such as trial offers, guarantees, free samples, etc. The last part of the letter should clinch the issue by prompting action with inducements such as limited time/quantity offer, special bargain offer, convenience in ordering, prizes and extra offer, etc. Here are some sales letter examples so that you can write them efficiently. Please look at the following sales sample letter to get an idea about it.

Summit Electric Company, Inc.
327 Park Avenue
Houston, TX 45678

Dear Sir

With summer approaching, you must be thinking of how to keep your office cool, so that you and your colleagues can continue to work efficiently. Realizing your needs, we have manufactured room-coolers for different capacities. We have given detailed specifications in the enclosed pamphlet. You would be happy to know that we are giving a guarantee for five years against all manufacturing defects and repair, or replace any part that causes trouble, at our own cost.

At the end of the pamphlet you will find a card, please fill it and mail it and we shall send our technician to inspect your office, examine your requirements, and suggest you about the appropriate location of coolers so that your entire office may maintained at the proper temperature throughout summer.

If you place the order before 30 July, we shall give you a special discount of 5 percent. Our man will transport the coolers to your office and install them whenever you want. And this extra service is totally free.

It is our belief that you would like to avail yourself of this special offer.

Yours sincerely

Jean Lee
General Manager

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