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How to Conduct A Job Interview | Conducting A Job Interview

How to Conduct A Job Interview
On becoming an employer or a senior professional, you may sometimes require to conduct interviews to sort out qualified candidates for any jobs in your organization. While conducting an interview, it is very important for you to remain yourself cool and patient. Alongside, you should remain polite, courteous, and amiable. Your initiative to put the candidate at ease is also very important as your sole purpose is to understand what the candidate is, to find out what he knows, and to match the information so gathered with the requirements of the job. As an interviewer you should also pay close attention to the three important factors which sometimes hinder a proper judgment on the adequacy of a candidate.

If a candidate has one outstanding trait, the other aspects of his suitability are likely to be considered better than he/she really is. For example, a smartly dressed candidate, with proper poise and effective communication skills may be judged as suitable, even though his/her other competencies are below the required level. The second factor that causes an error in judgment is the distortion of interpretation of the later information by the information given earlier. In a situation of this kind sometimes you can spend most of the time in confirming the first impressions. The last factor that occasionally prejudices the judgment is contrast between the performances of a candidate with that of the candidate immediately preceding. The candidate is likely to be underestimated if the performance of the previous candidate is excellent.

So, when you conduct an interview you should not form your judgment merely on the basis of performance at an interview. You should use other instruments such as aptitude test, subject test, group discussion, etc. to assess the suitability of a candidate for the job. However, some specific guidelines have been given below in the form of DO's and DONT's so that you can conduct an interview effectively.


Ø  Analyze carefully the candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job.

Ø  Study the candidate's resume carefully and match his achievements required for the job.

Ø  Frame in your mind (or even write) basic questions you would like to ask.

Ø  Ask only one question at a time.

Ø  Use plain language and precise expressions throughout the interview.

Ø  Repeat the question if needed and clearly explain to him what you want to know.

Ø  Be patient, allowing time to the candidate, to warm up and become interactive.

Ø  Put the candidate at ease and try to establish a rapport

Ø  Encourage him to give his/her best.

Ø  Be polite, amiable, and courteous but firm and professional.

Ø  Pay close attention to listen the responses of the candidate.

Ø  All in all, try to understand what the candidate is and to find out what he knows.


Ø  Do not ask a series of questions.

Ø  Do not ask the same question to different candidates.

Ø  Do not try to elicit unnecessary details.

Ø  Do not try to impress the candidate or to display your knowledge by asking any peculiar or absurd questions.

Ø  Do not ask highly personal questions.

Ø  Do not continue asking questions on one aspect or topic for a long time.

Ø  Do not ask any question when the candidate is answering one of your colleagues.

Ø  Do not at any stage lose your temper or raise your voice.

Ø  Do not become emotionally excited during interaction.

Ø  Do not use slang or uncommon abbreviations.

Ø  Do not permit the candidate to make flippant remarks.

Ø  Do not make such a comment that may belittle the candidate or hurt him/her.

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