Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sales Letter For Cooker

Sales Letter For Cooker
 Saiko Cooker Company
607 Youngman Road
Ottawa, Ontario
(301) 321-6543

Dear Sir

A lady called on us the other day and told us the secret of her happy married life. This is what she said on that day.

After two years of her marriage she had a baby and began to feel tired, overworked, and sick. Her husband observed this and apart from consulting a doctor and getting her a tonic, he bought her a National Pressure Cooker. Within weeks her health improved and her cheerful disposition lit up the home like warm sunshine. Hers is a happy family now.

Our cooker adds fun cooking and beauty to the kitchen. It saves both money and time. In just 30 minutes you can prepare a full meal for your family, thus cutting your fuel bill by 25 percent. Years of research have gone into making it. It is made of a metal which has been carefully tested to withstand the maximum pressure that can be generated. The lid, though firm when in use, opens easily and the handle is very convenient to hold. Besides, it has a double safety device.

We also guarantee it for three years against manufacturing defects and offer free repair service during this period at all our authorized retail shops.

At present Saiko Cookers are available in the following four sizes:

                   Model L301             4 liters
                   Model L302             6 liters
                   Model L303             8 liters
                   Model L304             10 liters

Choose the one that suits you best and mail the enclosed postage-free postcard after filling in details. In about a week the postman will call on you and deliver it at your door.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Lee
Director (Sales)

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