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Job Interview Process | Job Interview Evaluation Sheet

Job Interview Process
The job interview process usually starts with direct questions, seeking specific information regarding an interviewee's qualifications, achievements, and experiences. At the initial stage, this is done with a view to confirming the contents of the resume and establishing a rapport for further interaction. Through this process of questions and answers the interviewer's aim is not only to assure him about the suitability of qualifications and experiences required for the job but also to discover the significant traits of an interviewee's personality and family environment. The information about the second aspect is as important as about the first. Personal happiness and healthy social relationship are conducive to efficiency in work. In specific terms what an interviewer seeks to find out may be classified as follows:

An interviewee may be asked certain questions intended to find out his/her aptitude for the job applied for.

A number of questions would usually be directed to discover interviewee's attitude towards his/her job, employer, colleagues, and in general towards life and society. This information may help the interviewer determine whether the interviewee would respect the professional ethics of the organization.

The questions related to these aspects would seek to elicit the nature and quality of an interviewee's attainments as listed in his/her resume.

A person with a cool temperament and cheerful disposition is likely to be more successful in dealing with others and performing his/her professional tasks. An interviewee may, therefore, be asked a few questions for discovering whether he/she possesses this specific trait.

The interviewer would carefully observe the way the interviewee talks, sits, and speaks to gather clues to the state of his/her health. The interviewer may also ask one or two direct questions about interviewee's health.

However, most of the interviewers use an evaluation sheet to assess the suitability of the interviewees. A sample of interview evaluation sheet is given below.

Interview Evaluation Sheet
Name of the Interviewee:

(i) Understanding of discipline fundamentals
(ii) Technical Knowledge
(iii) Communication skills
(iv) Leadership qualities
(v) Initiative and drive
(vi) Team spirit and social awareness
(vii) Motivation
(viii) Intellectual ability
(ix) Capacity for hard and sustained work

Signature of the interviewer

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