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Job Interview Preparation

Job Interview Preparation
The practice of interviews has been in vague around the world for centuries. Everyday millions of interviews are being conducted in the world. These interviews are of different types and kinds, and their purposes are also different. However, the main purpose of these interviews is to collect information. Here, we are going to discuss only employment-related interviews, which may be classified into four main categories: (i) job interview, (ii) promotion interview, (iii) annual interview, and (iv) exit interview.

The interview for a job may be the most intense and dynamic communication situation that you ever encounter in your career. The purpose of a job interview is to seek information about a person's aptitude, attitude, achievements, temperament, and health and to point out his/her specific strengths and weaknesses. If you are a job seeker, you should take adequate preparation for success at an interview. The following suggestions can help you to take a thorough preparation before attending an interview:

Ø  Discover your attitude towards the job applied for.

Ø  Find out your aptitude for the job applied for.

Ø  Do self-analysis and try to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Ø  Try to understand the knowledge and skill that you possess.

Ø  Find out the relevancy of your skill to the job.

Ø  Figure out the utilization process of your skill to perform the job responsibilities.

Ø  Collect information about the history and function of the organization.

Ø  Visualize the role you would play for the development of the organization.

Ø  Imagine the kind of questions likely to be asked and their probable answers.

Ø  Discuss, if possible, with a few employees of the company its work, culture, professional ethics, and growth directions.

Ø  Collect information from the published literature of the organization, if any

Ø  Make sure that you have a clear and confidence voice.

Have a positive attitude towards the job before attending the interview.

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