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Writing Annual Confidential Report | Annual Confidential Report Sample

Writing Annual Confidential Report
Most organizations make a periodic evaluation of the performance and general conduct of their employees. The assessments thus made are used at appropriate times for rewards such as increments, promotion, transfer to more responsible jobs, etc. A large number of factors determine whether a person is efficient or not for the position. It is almost impossible to measure scientifically human qualities such as alertness, zeal, confidence, etc. So, by their very nature such reports are subjective.

Most of the organizations on the basis of the experience and performance of the employees identify their fitness, nature, character, and qualities required for doing a particular job efficiently and these are listed in a form. The reporting officer just ticks a particular item to indicate the level of efficiency attained by the employee. An example of such a form is given below:

Government of the United States of America
Public Works Department
Annual Confidential Report

Name of the employee:
Date of Appointment:

Note: Please assess each item by putting a tick in the appropriate column.

Name of Qualities
Below average
(a) Appearance

(b) Character
     Intellectual honesty
     Moral Standard

(c) Motivation
     Work habit

(d) Relationship
     With superiors
     With colleagues
     With subordinates

(e) Output

(f) Expression

(g) Special achievements

(h) Other Remarks

Signature & Designation of the Reporting Officer

There are two dangers in this kind of assessment: (i) the reporting officer may tick the items in a routine fashion, and (ii) it may not be possible to describe a particular quality by a single word.

That is why some organizations prefer reports containing pen-pictures of the employees. But even in such cases it is advisable to give a check list to the reporting officers so that assessments are made within a particular framework and irrelevant materials are not included. Yet another way of assessing employees is to devise a questionnaire for reporting officers. Given below is a proforma which combines these two methods:

Government of the United States of America
Public Works Department
Annual Confidential Report


1. Name of the employee:

2. Rank/Position:

3. Date of birth:

4. Present pay and the scale of pay:

5. Length of service in the present pay scale:

6. Length of service under the reporting officer:

7. Nature of work on which employed:

8. Proficiency in
(a) Designing
(b) Surveying
(c) Office work and accounts

9. Execution of work:

10. General:
(a) Health
(b) Character
(c) Work habits
(d) Temperament
(e) Trustworthiness and zeal
(f)  Relationship with colleagues and superiors

11. Recommendations:
(a) Do you consider him to an officer of more than ordinary attainments?
(b) Is he/she fit for promotion to the next higher post?

12. General Remarks:

Signature & Designation of the Reporting Officer

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