Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sales Letter For Grinder

Sales Letter For Grinder
Maiko Home Appliance
609 Youngman Road
Ottawa, Ontario
(301) 321-6543

Dear Sir

We have manufactured a perfect answer to all your kitchen problems Maiko Domestic Grinder.

Simple to use, unique in design, it can grind within minutes: peeper, chilies, grains, pulses, dalia, pithi, etc. and help you prepare your favorite dishes without sweat and toils. Now you need not postpone the preparation of dishes which your children which your children love and your husband adore. Buy a Maiko today and add new cheer to your life.

As you will see from the enclosed pamphlet, there are three models for you to choose from Popular, Deluxe and Royal and each one is available in three colors, namelyash, gray, sky blue, and light mustard. Tell us which one you want by filling in the enclosed order from and we shall send your desired one by courier service. If wish to pay in advance, please send us by crossed cheque, $30 plus $8 for postal charges along with the order and become the proud owner of a gadget which will become the talk of your neighborhood.


Jane Peterson
General Manager

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