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Oral Presentation | Evaluation Sheet

Oral Presentation | Evaluation Sheet
Assessing the quality of presentation made by somebody else is also very important in oral presentation. When you are required to evaluate a person's performance, you would find it difficult to determine his level in respect of each sub-point. Hence, you need to have an evaluation sheet which should contain some basic points so that you can quickly record your assessment while listening to the presenter. It is a hard task to compare and determine the quality of different presentations that take place in quick succession. This task may become easier if you videotape the presentations and evaluate them later. If you can manage to have this facility, do go for it.  

Whatever be your method of evaluation, an assessment sheet for recording your judgment is essential. One such sheet is suggested below; you may modify it to suit your needs. In this sheet the main aspects of evaluation are printed in bold face. Below each a few explanatory words and phrases are given. Familiarize yourself with these before starting to evaluate.

Evaluation Sheet

Name of the presenter
Date of presentation

Note: Put a tick in the relevant box. To quantify your assessment, assign the following values to your qualitative judgment.

Excellent= 5; Very good= 4; Good= 3; Average= 2; Poor= 1

Aspects of Evaluation
Excellent Very good
1. Pronunciation
(Individual sounds, voice quality, modulation, stress, pause and rhythm)

2. Delivery
(Volume, rate, vibrancy, confidence)

3. Contents and Organization
(Introduction, ordering of ideas and facts, conclusion, time management)

4. Audience Awareness
(Establishing rapport, response to feedback, use of language & illustrations)

5. Use of Body Language
(Poise and bearing, personal appearance, posture, gesture, facial expression, eye contact)

6. Use of Audio-Visual Aids
(Relevance, clarity, organization, integration with the text)

7. Quality of Interaction
(Brevity, maturity, relevance)

Signature of the evaluator


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