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Oral Presentation Ideas

Oral Presentation Ideas
The art of oral presentation is the fruit of persistent effort. There is no magic formula that can make you an effective speaker. Adequate planning and preparation are essential for a successful oral presentation. If you feel nervous during oral presentation, then the best antidote for you is thorough preparation. This will help you to overcome your nervousness as well as realize and be familiar with your topic well. And your realization that you are an expert on the topic will boost your self confidence considerably. However, if you want to be an effective speaker, you should possess some oral presentation ideas in you and master some oral presentation tips and techniques, which would help you to reach your oral presentation effort to the peak of success.

As far as possible do not read out a written speech word for word because a written speech seldom sounds fresh or vigorous. Do not memorize it either. The delivery of such a speech will not create the necessary animation and spontaneity. Also, your presentation will lose flexibility and communication will suffer, if you do so. Remember that a face to face interaction demands spontaneous thinking and speaking and not a mere repetition of what you have learnt by rote.

However, if you present an extremely complex subject to the members of a professional body, only then you may read the written material. But in such a case you should acquaint yourself with the material earlier. Also, you should have the ability to lift your head and look at the audience after short intervals while reading.

For most speaking situations, you may require adequate notes for consultation. The points should be arranged in the order in which you propose to present them and should have appropriate headings and sub-headings. You may cite references, quotations, names, illustrations which you wish to use. In some cases you may require to write the introductory and closing remarks. If you think it necessary, indicate in the margin for your personal use of the time that you are going to devote to each item. It is frustrating for the audience to hear a 20-minute introduction to a 50-minute talk. So, be careful about your time allocation to each item.

Notes should be written neatly in large letters either on 3" x 5" cards or small-sized sheets. Large sized sheets of paper and notebooks distract the audience's attention. Moreover, the sound produced by the turning of the pages, especially on the microphone, is annoying. So, try to be attentive to the facts earlier. Cards are handy and since they are thicker than the ordinary paper, their handling is easy.

You should prepare yourself adequately advanced so that you can quickly recall what you need to say on each item while reading. Consult the notes frequently when you are speaking. There is no need to conceal the fact that you are consulting the notes. Rather it will benefit you. It may create a feeling among the audience that you have taken pains to prepare yourself for the occasion. Consequently, a positive attitude will generate among the audience and you will be listened to with respect. And these are the best oral presentation ideas you can follow to be successful in your oral presentation.

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