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How to Write a Formal Business Letter

How to Write a Formal Business Letter
Writing a formal business letter is the core of effective business communication. It should be well-structured and written in good business language. Most of the letters in business communication are short and routine, and these letters can be written or dictated without any special thinking and preparation.  In business communication, you have to write some letters that are very formal in nature, and they need to be written with much thinking and careful preparation. The following guidelines will help you write a well-structured formal business letter that will help you achieve your objectives. Whenever you write a formal business letter, you should keep in mind the following four points:

Introduction or Opening
The first paragraph of a formal business letter states the reason for the communication. This section usually acknowledges previous correspondence, refers to a previous meeting or contact, and provides an introduction to the matter being discussed.

Details or Central section
This is the main part of a formal business letter. This part gives the recipient all the information he/she needs to know. You may also ask information in this section. In fact, this section states all information simply and clearly. For the ease of readability, you can use separate paragraphs or add sub-section here. This section should ensure logical flow to a natural conclusion.

Response or Action or Conclusion
The message of this section flows logically to a natural conclusion. This section states the action expected by the recipient. Action you are going to take is also discussed here. This section also gives deadline if necessary.

A simple one line closing sentence that is usually necessary to conclude the letter logically is given here. This concluding sentence should be relevant and consistent to the content of the message.


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

I look forward to seeing you next month.

A prompt reply would be appreciated.

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