Monday, April 13, 2015

Participating in a Meeting

Participating in a Meeting
In most cases the agenda for a meeting is circulated beforehand. Go through each item and consider what contribution you can make. Gather any information you think will be useful for discussing a particular item or for supporting your point of view.

Attend the meeting with an open mind—be willing to examine the views expressed by others. Even if you differ, respect the views of others. Everybody else has the same right to his opinion as you have. To make a useful contribution in a meeting, it is necessary to be a good listener. Often you will be stimulated to look at a point from a fresh angle. Much fruitless discussion can be avoided by keeping your mind open and receptive to any new information or approach that may come up during the discussion. Try not to allow personal preferences, color your views about the merits of an opinion or a suggestion.

Help the president of the meeting to maintain order. Do not engage in conversation with your neighbors or do anything which may distract the attention of other members. When you have to speak, raise your hands and the president will give you a chance to speak. Express yourself on what you know and present your point of view precisely, clearly and confidently.

If you find that your opinion is criticized or your suggestion is rejected by the group, do not feel dejected. By expressing your point of view you have certainly contributed to the discussion and that should be satisfaction enough. Remember that wisdom is borne from the clash of opinions.

At the conclusion of the meeting jot down the main points and file them for further reference. 

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