Monday, April 13, 2015

Oral Presentation Checklist

Oral Presentation Checklist
Presented below, is a checklist of significant aspects or oral presentation. These would help you remember the points you should bear in mind in order to make your oral presentation effective.

1. Making sure whether the pronunciation of individual sounds is clear and proper.
2. Making sure whether the stresses has been put on the right syllables.
3. Being sure whether the intonation is appropriate.

4. The presenter is poised and relaxed.
5. The voice is animated, vibrant and well-modulated.
6. The volume of voice is according to the size of the audience.
7. The pauses are at the right places.
8. The rate of delivery is normal, that is, approximately 150 words per minute.

Body Language
9. The presenter has a pleasant personality.
10. His posture is proper.
11. He makes appropriate gestures.
12. He is dynamic.
13. He maintains eye contact with the entire audience.

Organizational Matter
14. The introduction is attractive
15. It tells what the presentation contains.
16. The objective is clearly stated.
17. The body of speech is properly structured and integrated.
18. The points are logically ordered.
19. The arguments are supported by details and illustrations.
20. The information is presented authentic and accurate.
21. The conclusion is related to the objective.
22. It summarizes the main points.
23. It clearly signals that the presentation is coming to an end.

Audience Awareness
24. The presenter emphasizes with the audience.
25. He attempts to relate the topic to the audience's interest.
26. He uses the language the audience so that the audience can understand.

Audio-Visual Aids
27. They are exposed sufficiently for comprehension.
28. They are clear and easy to see
29. The matter displayed reinforces or supports the ideas presented.
30. Each has a single, unified motif.

Interaction with Audience
31. The presenter answers the questions briefly.
32. He remains cool in the face of criticism.
33. He accepts gracefully any mistakes he may have made in the presentation of facts.
34. He frankly admits his ignorance if he does not know the answer to a question.

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